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On a previous post, I featured Matthew Schott, publications advisor at Francis Howell Central HS, and his opinion on how administrators should teach students to use social media properly. This post will boost Schott’s ethos, as I am releasing his statement on how he utilizes social media in his own classroom.

“We run multiple social media accounts in my publications classes. I teach [my students] how to use [the accounts] as reportorial tools, but the students run them. The only way anyone learns anything is by doing something and screwing up while doing it. There are going to be missteps, you just try to manage those missteps and make sure they are small mistakes.”

At Franklin Community High School, we have a Twitter account for our newspaper, The Electron, but how does Francis Howell Central HS use social media for their benefit?

“My major points for my publications are this: Get it right, then get it out. Just like you would with any other story you publish on any other medium, get the facts correct, spell and edit, then publish.

This year, we’re trying to move beyond just sending out links and working to build community through Twitter and Instagram in my newspaper class. Share interesting links or accounts and retweet stuff. Be organized and have a plan, and make sure your staff is using social media with the same goals and ideals in mind for your publication.”

So how do you use social media in your classroom? Comment below or email me at! And, as always, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @paige_woodard!


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