How The Internet Enables Intimacy

How The Internet Enables Intimacy

While visiting Purdue University this weekend, I sat in on a Psychology class that focused on close relationships. While sitting in the lecture hall, I realized this would be my fate in just a few short months, and–oddly enough–I didn’t feel like a measly high school student: I felt like an adult who has finally found her calling. My mission is to bring social media to classrooms, my secret (or now not so secret) passion is psychology. This weekend, I finally saw the two combined in this psychology elective I attended. During the class, the professor pulled up and I knew I was observing this class for a reason. It’s not every day you can combine two things you feel passionately about and mold them into a new subject to explore. Although ten minutes long, Stefana Broadbent’s “How The Internet Enables Intimacy” TED talk is worth watching if interested in how social media affects relationships in 21st century society. 

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