How Great Leaders Inspire Action

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek’s TED talk “How great leaders inspire action” has inspired me to fuel my mission with my “why.” Why do I want to bring social media to classrooms? I believe social media and the education thereof should be incorporated into the curriculum of middle and high schools for a few reasons, which are listed below. 


1. Social media is an aspect of adolescent life that is evolving, not diminishing.

In other words, social media and networking sites will always impact society, particularly the lives of teens and young adults. In order to reach their full potential in society, students need to be supported by their school corporation to communicate with others around the world and broaden their spectrum past their hometown. School corporations need to educate students on how to create a healthy journey on social media for themselves. Unless students are educated on social media–its benefits and set-backs–they will never realize the full potential they have to create opportunities for themselves and be successful in their lives. Until I began my year in my student-run, project-based class (Innovations), I was oblivious to the positive impact social media could have on my life and the opportunities that could be mine to take. Social media is the gateway for international connections and true success in today’s world. 

2. Without the support of schools, students will lack the knowledge to embrace their opportunities for beneficial connections.

Furthering my first point, school corporations have a responsibility to educate students on how to responsibly use social media to their advantage. I have personally met and/or interviewed numerous teachers and administrators who support incorporating social media in their curriculum for one major reason: It allows students the opportunity to network with people who are willing to mentor them in their particular subject of interest and provides them a safe outlet to branch out and explore new ideas. Without the help of networking sites such as Twitter, students would not have opportunities to converse with people throughout the country while in a classroom setting.

Social media is evolving the way people communicate and students need to be educated on how to protect themselves against threats to their innocence while also establishing relationships with influential people throughout the world who are willing to assist them in their journey.

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