Another Journey

Although I have been gathering information to include in my DVD for a month now, I have yet to put my pen to paper (or even fingers to keyboard) and write the DVD script. By Monday, this will change. My plan is as follows:
1. Explain why social media is a necessary tool in the education system
2. Provide reasons as to why students misuse social media and include preventative tips for integrating social media into the curriculum
3. Give examples of how social media access can be-and has been-integrated into schools’ daily activities successfully.

This last point has been my main focus, exemplified by my collaboration with administrators and teachers who use social media in their schools. These interviews, suggestions, and opinions have been integrated into this blog as an index of some sort for when I want to skim through the information I have gathered. It is also beneficial for my audience, as they can see how this DVD project and my social media education mission are coming together piece-by-piece.

I will admit, though I have known that the DVD was my ultimate goal since beginning this project, I am anxious to see how my journey unfolds in the process. I know next-to-nothing about writing a script, let alone filming a DVD. Thankfully I have fellow classmates that are skilled in this area and are willing to assist, thus adding another great aspect of my Innovations class. We not only branch out and create our own opportunities, but also come together as a tight-knit community to support each other and collaborate. Even if this DVD doesn’t turn out the way I plan, I am still thankful for the opportunities Innovations has given me. And that is truly what this class, and my social media education mission, is all about.


2 thoughts on “Another Journey

  1. Paige, I absolutely love your mission! I agree that students need to use social media during their learning experience. Great Work!

  2. Thank you very much, ma’am. My ultimate goal is to enlighten others on the opportunities you are exposed to when you just dream and tweet about it!

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