It is ironic that until now I have waited to share Evan Williams’ TED talk “The voices of Twitter users,” as my social media education project primarily revolves around this networking site. However, I have reasons, and most are embedded in my opinion that I needed a strong foundation and credibility before speaking of such an influential person in my project. Though he has no idea what my mission is, Williams’ has essentially created my project through his self-proclaimed hunch to expand his business Odeo to include the side-project that would grow to the site we know today. Without this “hunch,” my project would simply not exist, as there would be no social media education integration to report on and try to implement. Without Twitter, my connections would not expand to the regions they do, and I would still be a high school senior just waiting to jump to the next chapter in my life. However, I am not a high school senior just waiting. I am a high school senior grabbing at every opportunity I can, throwing myself into whatever endeavors I believe will benefit my social media education mission…and future.

Social media is not just a tool for me to connect with people around the country just to say I’ve done it. Social media is my mission to implement in the education system so other students may have the same opportunities as I do in my Innovations classroom and beyond. There are some magical works in the making, and although I do not want to disclose them quite yet, I will say that social media is changing my life. And it’s changing more rapidly than I thought. 


Here is the link to Evan Williams’ TED talk “The voices of Twitter users.” Watch it and see if you are inspired in the ways I was or if your own experiences constitute a different reaction. Please share your thoughts below with a comment or email me at I want to hear from you! I want to know how social media has affected you in your aspirations. I want to hear how social media has benefitted, or even upset, your life. Any information is another stone added to my path leading to the integration of social media into education and I need to hear both sides to make that happen! 



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