Networking Benefits

It is my second day in California and I have already met people I wish to collaborate with soon. I began my morning at Stanford, where Mr. Wettrick (my Innovations teacher) and I visited the D (design) school. There, I met with a wonderful lady who I hope to follow-up with for this blog. I hope to have more details once I arrive back home. 

My group and I then met with Sarah Price and Teresa Zazenski for a quick coffee and chat at Google. I was quite overwhelmed with the atmosphere and hope to collaborate soon with these women, as I am intrigued by their work. Sarah Price described her studies in college and gave me hope that one day I will work in a place full of connections, creativity, and collaboration. I did not see much of the headquarters, though I did take a few pictures of their multi-colored bikes. 

In short, today was filled with inspiration. I met some incredible people and toured a beautiful campus. And to top it all off, I was able to network, which is becoming one of my favorite hobbies. 


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