Presentations and Innovations

Excuse me, as I am still in a post-presentation euphoria from my presentation to Howard Rheingold’s class at Stanford. Though only a class of sixteen, I engaged my audience and held their attention for about twenty-five minutes, which is impressive considering the average attention span for a Youtube video is only 2.7 minutes, according to Statistic Brain. 

Despite my age, I feel incredibly empowered to now conquer many of my fears. Mr. Wettrick accompanied me to my presentation and almost laughed at how nervous I was beforehand. However, he gave me the called-for “I told you so” after I concluded my presentation, as I truly had nothing to worry about; all of the students I conversed with were attentive and honestly interested in my work and social media education mission. Once the class ended, I had a few students approach me and I am very anxious to network with them. Of course I shamelessly handed out my business cards and will follow-up with Mr. Rheingold if I do not receive any new followers! 😉 

I do understand this post is a little more informal than what I usually write. Perhaps it is part of my new, evolved self and must be embraced with open arms. Or, perhaps, I am still in a euphoria that will soon end and I will revert back to my formal self momentarily. Until I determine which is the most likely, I hope you enjoy this scattered post that is simply to release my thoughts. 

I know I promised blog posts more often, however I believe it is a good thing that I am not posting as much, as it means I am out exploring California and Stanford University! Please contact me on Twitter at @paige_woodard with any suggestions on my next blog post (even if it is constructive criticism that I should delete this post and start from scratch) and email me at for any suggestions, opinions, or just want to chat about my project or your own ideas! 

One thought on “Presentations and Innovations

  1. I like the new informal pieces of you!

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