Interviews, Skype Calls, and Convocations

Recovered from my busy week in California, I have been hard at work connecting with others passionate about bringing social media into the education system. Beginning my week on a bright and early Monday morning, I contacted and received replies from eleven other teachers and administrators who have found ways to incorporate social media into their curriculum. Tuesday was also eventful, as I was interviewed by the Daily Journal about my trip and social media education mission. I rounded out my day by recording a podcast with Mr. Wettrick about innovating the social media-education integration. This podcast can be found on iTunes here: It is titled “Surprise: What Happened When My Student Created Her Own Online Personal Learning Network.” Guess what the surprise is? I have traveled to California to present at Stanford University for one of Howard Rheingold’s classes and just yesterday (October 23) I Skyped with Eric Sheninger, who I have interviewed in the past and mentioned on this blog. I have finally broken ground on my end goal, as this Skype call was the first clip of my DVD! 

Though it is only speculation at this point, I am focusing my time and energy on holding a convocation at my school district’s middle school to express how imperative it is to acknowledge student responsibility on social media networking sites. I have cleared it with my superintendent and just emailed the principal in hope of beginning the planning process for the convocation soon. I will continue to update this blog when more details are uncovered. 

This week has been exciting, but overwhelming, at the same time. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I have received and am anxiously anticipating the many others I will encounter along the way.


One thought on “Interviews, Skype Calls, and Convocations

  1. That sure is a lot on your plate progress wise. One thing, about the stressing the importance of responsibility on social media, will you be using your “what not to do” videos as a reference for the convocation (by that I mean, having them on hand during it)?

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