Just WHO Is Watching Your Show?

Just WHO Is Watching Your Show?

As the filming for my DVD has taken off, I have been consumed with a whole new set of necessary skills and concerns. Though I admit I have never picked up a camera before beginning my vlog on Youtube, I have recruited my classmates to assist me in this next leg of my journey. 

After skimming through the DVD “Video Coach: Shooter’s Guide Volume I: Fundamentals,” I was fairly certain this was an accomplishable goal for my time frame and skill set. I set out to find the website that created this DVD and found the above blog post about audiences. I have been targeting students, teachers, and administrators alike whilst searching for opinions on using social media in the classroom, but hadn’t chosen a focus target group for my DVD. Well, here it is: Administrators. I believe bringing social media into a classroom is more than just one teacher’s job in a school. It is the administrators who must pursue this goal in order to unify their school in a rally towards social media usage. So, there you go. My DVD will be tailored to administrators to view on why social media should be encouraged in their schools and how they can accomplish this within their own comfort zones.  

Read this blog from The Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting if you are unsure of who your audience is and need a guiding hand. And, of course, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @paige_woodard. 


One thought on “Just WHO Is Watching Your Show?

  1. Great content for principals like me who need to lead schools into better use of social media. Keep up the great work!

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