Video Game Review Sparks Interest

One of my classmates, Dylan Listner, is focusing on his Youtube channel and interest for video games as his Innovations project this year. He is also one film guru who has kindly offered his service for my DVD, which I am extremely grateful for. Now if you watch his video “Dual Controllers Ep 9 Sports,” you will see why I need his assistance: His filming and editing skills are genius. As I have never picked up a camera before beginning my Youtube vlog (which can be found at, Dylan’s assistance is absolutely necessary.

Though video games are not my number one interest, his videos inspire me, not only to learn to be a better video editor, but also to strive for my greatest. Dylan has overcome many obstacles but never ceases his efforts. And his efforts are brilliant.

Even if you are not a video game fanatic, watch his videos. They can inspire you in ways you never would imagine. His videos have instilled in me the value of perseverance, as well as the idea that any interest of yours is an interest worth pursuing.

Please check out Dylan’s video above and follow him on Twitter at @DylanListner! And of course, don’t forget to follow me at @paige_woodard!


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