Why You Should Learn To Make Google+ Work For You

I have only recently become acquainted with Google+, Hangouts, and Hangouts On Air and am still working out some kinks. However, I have enjoyed every minute of my experience using Google+ (especially hangouts, as it is so convenient to have a conversation with more than one person at a time). If you haven’t checked out my recent On Air interviews, you can view my one with Shane Haggerty here and the one with Teachers Teaching Teachers here

Previously, I did not include Google+ in my social media education mission. That changes today. Though it has not been considered as popular or useful as Facebook and Twitter, the article “Google Plus-Why Google+ Is Important & How To Use It” negates this thought with strong evidence. For tips on how to “beef up” your profile and popularity on Google+, follow the link above!

Coupling this article with my satisfactory experience with Google+, I am now going to redesign my profile to appear more sociable. 


One thought on “Why You Should Learn To Make Google+ Work For You

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