The voices of Twitter users

As Evan Williams’ states in his TED talk “The voices of Twitter users,” social media is a digital tool that allows us to feel more connected, despite distance. In real time, we can share our most exciting or unfortunately devastating moments in life with a larger audience than ever before.

I use social media in order to collaborate with a broader influence of individuals than I would be exposed to in my own proximity. Despite my location in a small town in Indiana, I am collaborating with individuals all over the country, from California to New York and many states in between. Without social media, this would be impossible. Without social media and my Innovations class, I would be sitting in a class I probably am not interested in, learning things that I will memorize for a test and forget soon after. A revamped education system that includes social media will not only better equip students for the 21st century workforce they will soon be thrust into, but will individualize the learning for each student, allowing them to explore their personal goals and passions with freedom. Students will learn how to take educated risks in a protected environment. Students will learn how to handle themselves in a respectful manner on social media. Students will given the tools needed to maneuver a technology-based workforce.

As of yet, students have been given zero guidance as to how they should act on social media networking sites. This needs to change. Students will be taught a brand new set of skills much different than older generations in order to conduct a successful career in their future. The education system has already concluded, we no longer need to know how to write in cursive (though I strongly disagree, as I eschew print writing) and there are other things students are taught that no longer apply to them.

Meanwhile, students are not learning the things that will be required of them in the workforce, such as coding and running/navigating a website. You can even apply for colleges online now, so students need to be equipped with the tools to navigate and extract as much as they can from online tools. For a more extensive list on what students should be learning in preparation for future careers, read my post “American Schools and Their Rigor: Should That Be Our Focus For Success?

If you have an opinion on this topic, please comment below, tweet at me on Twitter at @paige_woodard, or email me at I always welcome new ideas and points of view and want to hear from you!


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