Snow Days Are Equivalent To No Days

With the recent amount of snow the Midwest has been pelted with in the last few weeks, school work is almost nonexistent. However, I did make some (minimal) progress this week concerning my social media education project. First, Mr. Wettrick was able to provide me with 50 blank DVDs, only making my latest goal more of a reality. Though I have been speaking about my DVD plans for the past five months, the time has finally arrived to start filming and it is a little intimidating! Also, it doesn’t help that our school recently provided our studio a new switcher but no one has installed it yet! Eventually, though, filming will resume.

In the mean time, my time is consumed with writing. I do not want to jinx the development, so I will not say too much, but I am looking forward to seeing my work published in the near future! I am always honored to discuss the opportunities I have found through my Innovations class and I am excited to see where this upcoming year has in store for my work!

Secondly, I am currently working on Skyping with schools about my social media education and the importance of digital citizenship. To schedule a call, please contact me at

I hope to soon maintain a routine that will accommodate my habit of writing on this blog biweekly. It is very difficult to prioritize work when this semester hasn’t truly even started yet! Please wish away the second part of the “Polar Vortex” that is projected to plague Indiana next week so that I may continue to develop my latest ideas for my social media education mission!

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