Good Luck But Not Good-Bye

Today is a partly cloudy day in Innovations. It is our teacher Don Wettrick’s last day at Franklin Community High School. Despite this, today is not good-bye.

While the class wishes Wettrick good luck on the next leg of his journey, we still look towards the light on the horizon. The bond we have created with our supervisor will withstand the distance, as he is still our respected mentor and good friend. Though I am a student who has only known Wettrick for a short time, I wish him and his family only the best and can only hope that our next supervisor will encourage our aspirations with a similar enthusiasm as he has.

As for me (and hopefully the class as a whole), I plan on moving forward with a greater intensity. Instead of allowing myself to become discouraged, I want to pursue my goal of producing my DVD and continue to advertise my mission with passion. I have also made the decision to accept my admission into IUPUI’s Kelley School of Business with free tuition in order to expand my interest in marketing. This is an exciting development in my personal life as well as in my project, as this could benefit my social media education mission after I graduate from high school.

Of course, I still have an extensive to-do list to complete before graduating in May; therefore, I will continue to update this blog weekly and film at a swift pace in order to distribute my DVD in the spring.

If you want to follow Don Wettrick in bis next adventures, you can find him on Twitter at @DonWettrick. He also has an inspirational blog called Innovation in the Classroom. Check it out!


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