How Twitter Benefits Business

According to the article “Is Twitter The Social Media Marketing Powerhouse That Can Drive Sales?Twitter is, in fact, “the powerhouse it boasts to be.” Now, I have stated numerous times that I believe Twitter is an invaluable tool to businesses and individuals looking to promote themselves and this article states why.

Twitter uses the hashtag more frequently and at a greater volume than other websites. Sure, you won’t get shunned from your community if you use a hashtag on Instagram like you would on Facebook, but Twitter is still the only site that effectively uses the hashtag for more than just personal purpose. The hashtag on Twitter alerts others what trends you are following and what message you want your audience to receive. People are drawn to what is popular, which is why it is important to keep the conversation on a specific topic (usually concerning your brand) in order to gain a greater following and expand your brand (Business 2 Community).

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.25.01 AM

By utilizing the hashtag, companies are able to expand their following and audience loyalty through free advertisement. In addition, Twitter also allows for promoted accounts for businesses, though this service does come at a price. Either way, Twitter is a forum where companies may grow and develop in ways word of mouth and television ads cannot compare with. Read the rest of the article and decide for yourself–and your brand–whether or not Twitter is an invaluable tool for you!


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