Change of Plans

Due to a lack of resources available to me, this week I have spent my time researching different film studios in my area in hopes of finding a cheap location to help with filming and editing my social media education DVD. This is taking a lot of courage, as I was very adamant on filming, producing, and distributing this DVD all on my own; however, I have realized it is a daunting task and with the short deadline I am on, I had to make the decision to take my product elsewhere. I am still writing it all myself, but with my lack of knowledge on camera work and film editing, I must put my project (partially) in someone else’s hands. I believe this is what is best for my end goal and am looking to still distribute my DVD in mid-April (though this may be pushed back once I meet with a film studio I am comfortable working with and we determine a schedule). I still plan on keeping this blog updated on my progress, but also look at my Twitter, @paige_woodard, for more recent updates! 


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