Bammy Awards Nomination And What It Means For You

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This morning I was nominated for a Bammy Award in Student Voice by Brad Currie, an educator who I worked with in the blog post “Dean of Students Encourages Well-Rounded Social Media Gurus.” He also contributed a quote to my DVD, which will be available in the upcoming week!

As the first sentence under the tab “Eligibility and Guidelines” states, “The Bammy Awards are about celebrating the spirit of collaboration — it’s about ‘WE,’ not me.’” That being said, this is not a nomination solely for myself, but for all who are passionate about integrating social media into the classroom and share in my mission. The section continues, describing the honor it is for the community to receive an award. So, please, consider yourselves already honored. Though I have not been named the recipient of the award (is it too bold to say yet?), I want you, my audience, colleagues, and collaborators, to feel accomplished and appreciated, for without your help and passion, social media would not be on its way to its incorporation into the curriculum and students would be unaware of the power they possess in their social media profiles.

I do want to take a moment to acknowledge what an honor this means to me also, though, as this is such an amazing opportunity and wonderful privilege. Throughout my seven months enrolled in my Innovations class, I have discovered and rediscovered my passion for establishing social media usage in the classroom and its importance to the success of students’ careers. I have been called “a role model for students,” “the best example of Student Tech Leadership in the US,” and–my personal favorite–a “rockstar.” I have collaborated with unbelievably inspirational people around the country, such as Howard Rheingold, Eric Sheninger, and Vicki Davis; but more importantly, I have gathered great support from wonderful educators and other individuals who continually show me how impactful my mission is and that motivates me more than any kind word. Those who exemplify my reasons for pushing social media education and show me how my mission has impacted them is the greatest gift I could be given and that is why the Bammy Awards statement I quoted resonates with me.

My mission–and this honor–is not for self-fulfillment or self-acknowledgement. Yes, I am proud of where my mission is headed and how much I have personally grown since August 2013, but my success would be much more limited without the help of my supporters. Without your help, I would not have been nominated for such a prestigious award or have the motivation to continue spreading the word of social media education and its importance in the education system.

Repeating this blog’s title, what does this mean for you? It means your hard work and dedication to social media education is being heard! Though not each and every one of you has been nominated for the award, please consider my nomination yours as well, as we are a community. The success of my social media education and my DVD is not mine alone: I share it with all of you.

Please vote for me as the recipient of the Bammy Awards in Student Voice by going to this link. If I am chosen as the recipient, I will be invited to the awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. in September! Thank you all for this amazing opportunity and for never allowing your faith in my mission waiver! You all are truly wonderful!




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