iCitizenship and iConstitutions

Marialice BFX Curran on Twitter recently tweeted this video and shared it with me. What do you think about their definition of what it means to be an iCitizen? Will you take the pledge?

2 thoughts on “iCitizenship and iConstitutions

  1. I knew that I wanted to get more student voice involved in this critical conversation when I created and taught a First Year Seminar at USJ in 2011. My college freshmen seminar was called: Pleased to Tweet You: Are You a Socially Responsibly Digital Citizen? The project began in collaboration with Beth Sanders and her high school students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgmZLXQLNPQ. I’ve continued to teach digital citizenship courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level since 2011 and my hope is that more students will actively share their voice, take the pledge and be an iCitizen! My ultimate vision is that we get students from all fifty states and around the world to speak up and stand up!

    • As a student, I feel as though your message is clear and the reasoning behind the need to be iCitizens is sound. I love the idea of an iConstitution and hope that many of my peers see your video and are inspired by your students’ words to pledge as an iCitizen themselves!

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