Title Change or Personal Transformation?

As I shed my high school student shell and develop into a beautiful college butterfly, I need a social media transformation to match my personal one. Therefore, if you haven’t noticed yet, I changed the name of my blog from the bland and to-the-point “Social Media Education” to “Skippedapaige Transformed.” Now this may be confusing, as I am sure you have no idea who “skippedapaige” is.

Well, it’s me. Actually, it’s my personal social media persona and digital identity to my personal friends and peers. And yes, I am transforming.

Before beginning Innovations and adopting a professional online persona, I was a naive high school student utilizing social media to complain about my bad day at school and even my mom grounding me for disrespecting her. Yes, I rolled around with the best of them in the dirty mud that is teenage social media use; in fact, when I was thirteen and still figuring out what was most important in my life, being popular or academic achievement, I probably could have been my own poster child for my later YouTube series “The Top Ten Things Not To Do On Twitter,” found here.

If you were to be so lucky as to scroll through my Facebook account and review posts from 2009-2012, you could still find posts that would more than likely contradict my social media education mission in 2014. So why are they still there? Well, luckily by my senior year I understood what was most important in my life–successfully enjoying it–and decided to clean up my act. I said goodbye to the negative posts, complaining about drama, and worrying about other people’s opinions and posting about them. However, I do still want to seem as if I am at least half-human and therefore want to keep those posts to show teenagers, my peers, that what I am doing is a tangible goal: you’re not too late if you start today. And by joining me in cleaning up our act on social media, other students will become aware of what they post, understand the purpose of what they are posting, and utilize social media for more than personal use and complaining about daily tribulations.

Thus, I have decided to expand my social media platform and mission and hence needed a name change for my blog. No longer will my posts be solely about “Social Media Education” as my previous blog title suggested. As I graduate high school (11 more days) and head to college, I want to document my personal encounters with social media and professional networking in addition to reporting my latest findings on what is trending in the education system.

So there. I am an eighteen year old business owner and young entrepreneur on a mission. I will still make mistakes, I will still stumble on my own feet, and I will need others’ help when I do. But I am now speaking not only to educators, but to my peers. I am transformed, I am present, I am real.


For more information on my social media education mission thus far and to contact me, please visit educationmediatools.com.


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