Shifting To A New Direction

I want to open this blog with a thank you to all of the incredibly talented and inspiring people I have met throughout my social media education mission. From being interviewed by numerous kind and caring educators across the nation, to speaking at Stanford University, to creating my own business and DVD at eighteen years old, to becoming the Bammy Awards’ 2014 Educator’s Voice Honoree for Resonant Student Voice, the journey has been indescribable and a huge blessing. I have collaborated with some of the greatest educators of this nation and hopefully left an impression on the countless others I was unable to meet. I am humbled to know that there are educators who respect the opinion of a high school student and to realize that I was a part of an amazing team all working together towards a common goal: improving the student experience and education in the United States.

Unfortunately, as my freshman year of college comes to a quick close, so must my social media education mission and Education Media Tools, Inc. I appreciate the help and insight I was offered by educators like Jennifer Scheffer, Howard Rheingold, Brad Currie, Eric Sheninger, Susan Spellman-Cann, Shelly Sanchez, and many others who have left an impression on my mind and my heart. As I continue my journey in the Kelley School of Business and to the career of my dreams as a business professional, I pray I can still make you all proud.

My website,, will be closing before April 2, 2015. If you would still like to order my DVD “Social Networks, Educator Empowerment, and Student Success,” please visit the website before April 2 or email me directly at and I will process your order directly.

Thank you all for joining me in this incredible experience. I pray this isn’t the last time you will see my name as the author of a blog or the owner of a company.

Until next time,

Paige A. Woodard

CEO and Founder of Education Media Tools, Inc.

Student in the Kelley School of Business

Avid reader and hiking enthusiast

Advocate for greater student education at the secondary level


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