I am Paige Woodard, a senior at Franklin Community High School in Franklin, Indiana. Through the guidance of Mr. Don Wettrick, I am a part of a student-run, project-based high school class called Innovations. As a part of this class, I am “educating the educators” on the benefits of social media in the classroom. In conjunction with this blog, which will mainly focus on teacher/student perspectives on the benefits of social media in the classroom, I will be compiling my information on a DVD, which I hope to distribute to schools across the nation.

Since beginning my mission, I have collaborated with amazing, influential people extremely supportive of my goal. I have Skyped with Eric Sheninger, principal at New Milford HS in New Jersey and made a presentation at Stanford University for Howard Rheingold’s class. Howard Rheingold is an author and adjunct professor specialized in modern communications and technology and has acted as a mentor to me through my journey.

I have also taken part in interviews with Shane Haggerty (found here) and Paul Allison with Teachers Teaching Teachers (found here).

I am interested in collaborating with a variety of individuals passionate about integrating social media into the education system and can be found on Twitter at @paige_woodard. I also speak to educators and/or directly to students at conferences, convocations, or over Google+ Hangout/Skype. If you are interested in an event such as this, you may also email me at paige.a.woodard@gmail.com.


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