Celebrating Those Who Deserve It: A Tribute To My Mom

This video has been circulating on the Internet for the past month and it has really opened my eyes to how wonderful and great moms really are. I rarely involve my own personal affairs in this blog, but this is one exception I HAVE to make. Because without my mom, her unconditional love and support, and her financial generosity, my social media education mission and DVD would have hit a wall within the first few months. And after watching this video, I realized just how much she has done for me over the years and how infrequently I show her how much I appreciate it.

Throughout this long and tedious process, my mother has stood by my side tall and proud, no matter my mistakes or frustration with a certain situation that was wrongly displaced onto her. She is such a strong and beautiful woman and she is the one who has taught me not only how to be confident but also patient and understanding when others need me to simply listen (which I will admit is extremely hard for me to do sometimes).

Moreover, we have a really weird and complicated bond because I am her only child. Growing up, it was only her and me, me and her. We did everything together and to this day tell each other just about everything. We are each other’s best friends. Though she says I never really had a childhood because I was always surrounded by her and her adult friends, whenever I reflect on my childhood, I think of all of the days we spent exploring The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis or hiking at a state park. I fondly remember her and I walking hand in hand, marveling at the animals at the zoo. And I cannot contain my smile when I think of the time we sprayed our entire backyard with food coloring when it was covered in a thick layer of snow and how intrigued I was with the different colors. Without these memories, I would not have the same amount of curiosity about the world or my fervor for learning more and exploring the possibilities of what could be if one simply tries.

In short, without my mother, I would not be the person I am today. I would not be as successful as I am today; I would not be a business owner; I would not be interested in professional networking; I would not understand what is appropriate conduct for the outside world. And without her, I would not have the same love for gardening or bird watching. In addition to all of the lessons she has taught me throughout my short eighteen years under her wing, she enlightened my soul to appreciate life for the great wonders it truly holds and how precious time with family and friends truly is.

I feel as though this post is extremely overdue, but with my leaving home and attending college in the fall, my mother and I have both recently been reflecting on our time together thus far and so this post also couldn’t be better perfectly timed.

If I could put it into words while looking my mother in the eyes without crying so hard that she could not understand what I was saying, I would tell her that I am so grateful for her love, patience, support, faith, and kindness not only for me but for life itself. I would thank her for not killing me when I scratched her new car, for hugging me when words were not enough, and for telling me the hard truth even when I didn’t want to hear it. I would offer her a hug that would last forever so that she would never have to live in an empty nest and apologize for not appreciating her enough.

We don’t know how long we have on this earth. Tomorrow, the woman who carried you for nine months, held you on her hip for years for comfort, and acted as your soundboard, maid, support system, personal bank service, cook, and most importantly your ATM of unconditional love, could suddenly lose her strength to carry her and you both and have to make the choice to put you first one last time. So look your mother in the eyes, pick up the phone, Skype her, do SOMETHING, and tell her how much you appreciate her love for you and always making you her top priority, even if you didn’t feel like she was. Your mother is your greatest role model for so many things. Let her know you finally understand and appreciate it.